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ETHOS Capital Advisors believes Financial Retirement Literacy is a universal right. Through sustained partnerships with organizations such as Ed Slott’s IRA Help, Society for Financial Awareness, Philadelphia Estate Planning Council, Financial Planning Association, and various other avenues, ETHOS sources and provides accurate and easily accessible timely information for those who seek clarity.

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Here at Ethos Capital Advisors, we want to help you understand your needs and current financial goals, so we post a weekly blog. We hope you find these blogs helpful in your retirement journey, and if you would like to learn more you can click below to begin.

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Navigating Dementia’s Financial Challenges

January 17th, 2024|

Dementia is a complex and devastating condition that not only affects the emotional and mental well-being of individuals but also places an immense financial burden on families. A recent study from the University of Michigan, [...]

Uber’s S&P 500 Entry

January 10th, 2024|

Its Ripple Effect highlights the importance of periodic rebalancing as markets shift. The recent surge in ride-hailing giant Uber's stock to a new 52-week high precedes its highly anticipated debut in the S&P 500 index [...]

The Fed’s Dovish Pivot

January 3rd, 2024|

Navigating Investment Opportunities Amidst Rate Cut Signals The Federal Reserve has taken a "dove" ish pivot, signaling a potential end to the rate-hiking cycle. This shift has sent shockwaves through financial markets, impacting everything from [...]

$1.5 Trillion Wellness Industry

December 27th, 2023|

In our quest for better health, vitality, and happiness, we often turn to the burgeoning wellness industry – a colossus with a value that towers at an astounding $1.5 trillion. It's a testament to our [...]

Understanding Capital Gains Taxes

December 20th, 2023|

It’s not just about how much money you make, but how much you keep. Capital gains taxes, often perceived as a complex term reserved for Wall Street tycoons, impact a wide range of investors and [...]

New 2024 Income Tax Brackets

December 13th, 2023|

It is crucial for individuals to engage in strategic tax planning with their financial advisors, particularly considering the upcoming changes to the standard deduction and 2024 income tax brackets. These modifications, affecting filers who do [...]

The “Holiday Hustle”

December 6th, 2023|

Sector-Specific Opportunities: Where Smart Money Flows in the Travel Industry. As the year draws to a close, the travel industry is gearing up for a potentially historic holiday hustle, following a summer that set new [...]

Financial Plan: 5 Reasons to Be Thankful

November 29th, 2023|

A personal financial plan is a gift that keeps giving to you and your family. A personal financial plan serves as the foundation of fiscal well-being, providing a roadmap to navigate the intricacies of money [...]




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