The first step in our planning process is helping our clients by educating them on how to understand their Merck benefit options. Whether you are Legacy Merck, Legacy Schering Plough, or moved to Organon, our goal is to maximize your benefits. Your future retirement plans and goals are important to us. Get started by finding information in the quick links below. We hope you find this information helpful, and if you are ready to start a conversation, sign up below for a complimentary meeting.

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Merck Pension

As a current or retired Merck employee, your pension will be integral to your retirement plan. It is important to run multiple projections and compare the Lump Sum vs Annuity to determine what is best for you.
Merck Retirement Center

Merck 401(k) and
Insurance Benefits

We recommend reviewing your 401(k) often in order to increase your odds of a successful retirement. It is also important to understand your insurance coverage and healthcare options.
Fidelity Net Benefits

Merck Restricted
Stock Plan

When do they vest? When should you sell? How will retirement planning or other life events impact your shares? Create a plan that works for you.
MS Stock Plan Connect

Social Security

Do you understand your Social Security benefit and how to maximize what you receive? Find more information on your unique benefit information below.
Social Security Estimator

Pharmaceutical Benefit Planning

Our advisors can help you navigate the complexities of your benefit plan so you can refine your
decision-making and pursue the retirement goals you have worked hard to secure.